BEST OF: 2016 Wedding Roundup

  High five! Finally got my 2016 blog post together!

High five! Finally got my 2016 blog post together!

It's always a mad dash to try and get my things in order by the end of the year but I've found myself in good company posting my end-of-year writeup a week into 2017. Maybe we're all operating on Beijing time, and in that case we're all early since the Chinese New Year isn't until Jan. 28. Already #winning.

I had always enjoyed making New Years' resolutions. Of course, they'd be forgotten within a few days, but my favorite part of making them was reviewing my list at the end of the year and seeing just how much I had done. I had unintentionally started making a what is sometimes referred to as a "nectar list," or a reflection of the good things that had happened.

The general gist of my resolutions are always the same; work hard, play hard, be happy. But my accomplishments always astound me year after year. 2016 definitely brought things up to a new level.

It was was the year I photographed my first gay wedding, then my second and third and I saw the true meaning of #LoveIsLove. It was the year I photographed million dollar jewels for Vogue Italia and was hired to cover the Tribeca Film Festival. It was the year I did 70 shoots, up from 50 in 2015, all while still working a full-time job. It was the year I won three New Jersey Press Association awards and then later became an employee of Gannett/USA Today Network, shooting photos AND video for N.J.'s famed newspaper, The Record. It was the year I photographed New York Comic Con, and traveled to North Carolina, Boston, Chicago, Gettysburg and Colorado where I poured my own beer at New Belgium Brewery. It was the year I lost 20 POUNDS. And finally, it was the year I turned 30 and made the decision to be happy in love.

There were so many things about 2016 that sucked, but hot damn, look at all those things that ROCKED. I'm sure the list could keep going on, too.

Alas, with that said, I'd love to share with y'all...

my favorite shots of 2016.


From black-jewel engagement rings to bright bouquets, gorgeous shoes (some with lucky pennies!) and outstanding centerpieces; my clients brought it big this year with the little things.



One of my biggest accomplishments this year was really getting a handle of the art of posed portraits. It's been a challenge coming from a background of photojournalism, but the practice paid off!



Your tears. Your laughs. Your moments of solitude. These are the moments I live to shoot.


I used to be a huge proponent of the traditional guy-sees-girl-for-first-time-walking-down-the-aisle. But first looks have just totally captured my heart. It's one of the sweetest moments to capture.







Y'all sure know how to party. Let's keep it going in 2017!

Bernadette Marciniak