Moments Frozen in Time - Stella + Alexa's Baptism



It's been pretty chaotic over here at BMP headquarters. Life is happening all around and everyday is a new marathon to try to get to all the never ending things on my to-do list (like, making a to-do list). So I was super happy when I finally got around to processing photos from the baptism of Colleen + Rob's twin girls where I found two pictures have instantaneously become my favorites this week.

To preface, the twins were getting baptized on the morning of a rotten ice storm in North Jersey. Trying to get everything in order in crappy weather with one infant is hard enough, but two? I give this parenting team a super high thumbs up for pulling it off without a hitch.

That by no means the morning wasn't full of chaos. Family members were shuffling in and out of the house with lots of "ooohs" and "aaaahs" amongst the buzz while admiring Alexa and Stella in all their glory. Feeding time, changing time, dressing time and finally the desperate "Oh my gosh, do you see what time it is?" call to get out the door.

It's my job to preserve all the moments of these joyous occasions, including the flurry of activity that usually precedes the main event. And as I cull through the pictures I start to remember all the noises, smells and emotions that accompanied that shot. But if I slow my process down and zero in on certain moments, I will often see that some pictures take on a whole new meaning when I turn them into black and white. The image becomes more frozen than a still photograph already is. All the ruckus and commotion of a busy picture is turned off when you put it into two simple colors. 

So when I turned these photos into monochrome, all of a sudden a peace came over me as I saw these tender moments in an entirely new light. All became quiet in a shot where Colleen gazes into her daughter's eyes as Rob shuffles through the closet to get a jacket. The moment itself was frenzied; it was the third time Rob dug through his clothes to find something to wear and a handful of people just out of the frame formed a choir of, "It looks fine!" 

The joy expressed by soon-to-be godparents and a cousin as they hold their new goddaughter is frozen in time as well. The raw and genuine smiles seem so much more powerful in a simpler version of this picture. You get to really feel the pureness of their happiness on that day.  And in such a busy, busy, busy world these black and white moments offer the impression that life has stopped for a second and we can actually enjoy it instead of running through it.  

It's such a wonderful feeling to take a step back and just soak everything in. Let's do it more often.

Bernadette Marciniak