BEST OF 2017: Wedding Roundup

You guys.

I can't believe 2017 is over. 

Like, it just started yesterday, right?

As always, the holiday season was another mad dash again this year, and when you're celebrating as a team of two, it becomes even more of sprint towards the finish line. Combine that with having to say goodbye to one of our dear kitties the day after Christmas (still wiping a few tears over that one), a trip to Ohio (which I'll be sharing with y'all later this month)...

And then, there's some big news coming in 2018. So this year, I HAVE to keep my resolution to blog more because I'll have to have somewhere to put it!

As always, I'm more concerned about my nectar list than resolutions. It's super awesome to sit down and put together all the amazingness of the past year in a nice little package. I started a new job at the newspaper I grew up reading and dreamt about working for. It has challenged me, taught me so many things in video and social media I never would have thought of learning about, and introduced me to some amazing people. Me and the boyfriend moved in together, traveled to Los Angeles & SoCal, Denver, and North Carolina (twice!). It's been a crazy busy, good, year.

With that said, I'm so happy to share with you guys, my favorite shots of the 2017. To keep the party going after today's post, my plan is to write a post about each picture telling you a little bit about why that shot was selected. I know a picture says 1,000 words but I can't help it -- I'm a visual and word chatterbox. Enjoy!



Bernadette Marciniak