Behind the lens of Kristen + Mike's Wedding Wonderland

Who else is loving the snow? Just me? I promise, I'll hate it with y'all tomorrow, but for now, I love watching the pretty flakes fall. And it's always been a dream of mine to see them during a wedding.

There's no way to plan for it. But if your wedding is in January, you do have a better shot. Kristen and Mike lucked out on that note. A flurry started right as right after their wedding ceremony and family portraits were ending. 

I knew we had to act quick. The forecast called for a slim window of time for some snow, and that was if it even came at all. And while some brides would complain about the cold, for Kristen (and us photographers) it was a welcome way to cool off after the rush of gathering big families for portraits. 

I love the serenity of snow - hearing nothing at all except a car passing by, the air, the wind, and the flakes falling (yes, you totally CAN hear them fall!). It's one of those moments that you can hear yourself think, but your thoughts all of a sudden disappear and it's just you and whatever else is around. To have a moment like that on your wedding day, I have to imagine, is pure perfection. It doesn't happen often.

 Catch a falling flake and put it in your wait.

Catch a falling flake and put it in your wait.

Now excuse me, as I have to shovel. One part of snow I could do without.

Bernadette Marciniak